During 2016 Abbey International Finance celebrated its 25th year in business. From its humble beginnings in 1991, as part of the FBD Holdings Group to its present financial strength and global influence. In 2004, FBD disposed of its interests in Abbey International Finance and the company is now privately owned. We are proud of our achievements and have built a profitable business using integrity, as our cornerstone...

The foundation of the International Financial Services Centre in the late 1980s as a public/private initiative, is where the genesis of Abbey International Finance began.  FBD Holdings were one of the first indigenous Irish companies to embrace this new business model in Ireland, which had two main criteria for operating:

  • That all business conducted by companies located in the IFSC had to be international business
  • Business had to be conducted in currency other than Irish pounds.

There were two main strands to the FBD international business at that time; reinsurance and asset finance. Through the IDA and the Revenue Commissioners, a licence was attained for trading and Abbey International Finance was created as the asset finance division of FBD Holdings and which exclusively focused on generating business outside Ireland.