Timeline Highlights

  • 1991

    Abbey International Finance undertakes its first transaction with funding from Chase Manhattan Bank.
    Milestone 1991

  • 1993

    We commence the leasing of transport equipment to Gordon Food Service in the US who remain today as one of our most loyal customers.

  • 1997

    As part of a joint venture with Gordon Food Service we purchase 15 Marketplace Stores.

  • 1998

    Creation of receivables financing program for Gordon Food Service funded by Deutsche Bank. Initiation of joint venture with Dublin Dockland Development Authority and Bennett Construction.

  • 2000

    We begin the management of IFSC property investments for FBD which culminates in the sale of Guild House, which became the first building in Ireland to be sold for over €100M. By this time we have added an additional 12 Marketplace Stores to our portfolio.
    Milestone 2000
  • 2004

    FBD disposes of its interests in Abbey International Finance. Meanwhile we have continued to grow our leasing business with Gordon Food Service and have added additional Marketplace Stores which now amount to 37 stores in total.

  • 2006

    Abbey becomes fully self-managed and a new board of Directors is appointed. A Business Diversification plan is established and the first real estate transaction is undertaken with Signature Capital.

  • 2008

    European leasing operations begin in conjunction with Chetwode and the Celtic Leasing brand is launched in both Ireland and Europe.

  • 2011

    Abbey International Finance sets up two new regulated insurance entities, one based in Dublin and the second in Malta. By this time we have commenced investment in German commercial property, specifically in the B1 Centre in Berlin.  An investment was made in an Irish logistics company, FreightWatch.
    Milestone 2011

  • 2013

    Investment made in the Delphi Resort, Connemara with further diversification into Europe and significant growth in the insurance side of the business.
    Milestone 2013

  • 2014

    The Marketplace Stores are sold for $80M. Celtic Leasing Plant Hire is set up to meet the demand for plant in the newly regenerated construction industry. Investments are made in the establishment of a Surety Bonds business in conjunction with Finance One. Investments also made in a fast growing food company plus joint venture investments in the The Oak & The Ivy Bars in Dublin City and Lyndhurst, a housing development in Co.Wicklow.

    Milestone 2014

  • 2015

    Gaelic Leasing INC is established in Austin, Texas which leads to a significant diversification in our US leasing portfolio. Abbey International Finance acquires 40% shareholding in Advent Solutions Holdings Limited, a UK based specialist insurance consulting and outsource services provider.  We also funded the purchase of the Avalon Hostel in Dublin.  At the end of this year we have assets of USD $115M and we are debt free.

  • 2016

    In June 2016 we celebrated our twenty-fifth year in business and we are looking forward to expanding our horizons even further.