The core business of Abbey International Finance is equipment leasing to a range of customers, primarily engaged in the distribution of food and beverage products. These leased assets are located in the U.S. and in eight countries in Europe and are operated through the Gaelic Leasing division.

The insurance division of Abbey International Finance consists of three entities which are based in Dublin, London and Malta and are collectively held under the brand name of Advent.

The third division is private equity real estate, which operates under the brand name, Apere. Abbey International Finance have a strong track record of providing finance by way of equity or mezzanine finance and will participate in construction and development risk, as part of the Apere portfolio of business.

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Gaelic Leasing

Gaelic Leasing is an established provider of cross border innovative asset finance and we can support your business with tailor-made solutions that are aligned with your industry needs.

Gaelic Leasing funds new equipment purchases and can refinance existing critical assets. We place great importance on understanding the assets and their long term role in your operations. We have offices in Europe and the United States, where our committed representatives will be happy to provide flexible financial solutions that will ensure the growth and stability of your business.



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Advent is an established and regulated expert provider of a broad range of services to the insurance industry. Advent delivers operational, logistical, regulatory and administrative support and guidance to companies across the delegated authority underwriting spectrum.

The three main entities of this business are Advent Insurance DAC based in Dublin which is a fully authorised underwriter of various classes of non-life insurance, Advent Solutions Holdings, London, is a specialist insurance consulting and outsource service provider and Advent Insurance PCC based in Malta, which operates as a Protected Cell Company and has the ability to create innovative underwriting solutions for businesses, corporations and insurance entrepreneurs.

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Private Equity Real Estate is a term used to describe various investment strategies employed to invest in real estate through a combination of debt and equity.

Since our foundation, investment in and financing of real estate has been a cornerstone of the group’s activities. This new division of Abbey International Finance is organised as a separate regulated ICAV fund (Irish Collective Asset-Management Vehicle) in order to bring cohesive management to the group’s real estate activities.

APERE is an acronym for Abbey Private Equity Real Estate which targets co-investment with long term property managers globally.